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Question: Why would I chose Sempra Medical Group for Erectile Dysfunction, Weight Loss and Vitality?

Answer: We Stay Cutting edge!

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We want our patients to know that we have hand sanitizer in each exam room and by all elevators. Safety and health is top of mind. Appointments are scheduled so that we can keep everyone safe. Distancing has always been our thing, but now that is has been put in the spotlight, we want everyone to know we social distance!

Question: Why do you have locations in different states? Why are you not just in one metro or state?

Answer: With Erectile Dysfunction & Medical Weight Loss Programs, patients will drive a distance as long as the care is top notch. We do not see any reason to have multiple locations in a metro and be stretched thin with patient quality when we only have so many great staff members. Running one really good clinic and giving the best possible care is the same practice the Mayo Clinic uses. Dr David Colville MD brought this teaching philosophy from Mayo since the beginning. We are staying tried and true 🙂

Furthermore – Every business loves to scale and get bigger. We do as well, but making sure that we always have the right staff is just as important. Our Physicians can keep a close eye on a smaller operation than a monster that doesn’t know half the the staff members or their abilities. We aim to be the very best! This is not a saying that we use, it is a philosophy we live, teach and preach. 

Question: Does Insurance cover what we do?

Answer: Short answer is NO. Acoustic Wave Therapy for ED, Weight Loss & and Biote are considered elective just like Cosmetic, Braces, and Hair Replacement programs. We have noticed that many treatments are becoming an elective. 

Question: How long have you been in business?

Answer: We have been in business since 2017.  We have 3 clinics, and a sister company Sempra Health. We aim to be the best in every metro we are located in. This will take a lot of work and tireless effort, but we are up to the challenge. 

Question: How many treatments does wave therapy for ED take?

Answer: Great question. 6 to 12 treatments. When you are seen at Sempra we will be able to let you know what the doctor(s) think you need. Each patient is different. Your medical history will go a long way to determine the best treatments. Age can be important, but more importantly is your health and history. 

Question: Can you help someone with Diabetes? 

Answer: Yes, About half of our patients have Diabetes. Most of these are type 2. We do see type 1 as well. 

Question: How long has Acoustic Wave Therapy been around?

Answer: Since 2004 in Europe and since 2013 in the United States. 

Question: I had my prostate removed can you help my ED?

Answer: Yes, we have seen and helped dozens of patients with this. Some patients had prostate cancer, some had the prostate removed. As long as you have been Cancer free for 6 months and are not doing any radiation we have a very good chance to help you. 

Question: Do you offer any guarantees? 

Answer: We do not offer many, but there is situations that we will put a guarantee in writing. We are sure about what we do, so we will go this route if and when deemed necessary. Our Doctor will occasionally feel strong enough that he can help someone that this option can become available. In Most cases there is no guarantees in the medical field. Any guarantees will be in writing and you will be given a copy. Patient Care is our top priority. 

Question: Is your Doctor a real MD?

Answer: Yes, this is a question we get on occasion. We know there is chiropractors, NP’s and PA’s that do ED and other things, but tried and true always works best. 

Question: What cross street are you on? 

Answer: Look on Google Maps for details or just clinic on the map in this site.

Question: I hear you guys also do weight Loss? What is this about 

Answer: Yes, we do a Sempra Health weight loss program that requires no exercise and does a wonderful job to help patients lose weight in a lot of cases 1/2 lb per day. This is done with our sister company Sempra Health. This is a Medical Prescribed Weight Loss Program. Please click on the link if you have more question.

Question: Do you do background checks on all employees? 

Answer: Yes, We do our very best to take care of every patient and protecting the information that has been entrusted with. This is our first priority

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